Spherical lens (Lens, doublet, SWIR lens)

Aspheric lens

Prisms (general prisms, right-angle prism, dove prism, roof prism, penta prism, wedges)

Cylindrical lens

Plane components (plane mirror, window,shoulder)



Glass material


Erbium Glass

1.Bote Photonics
Bote Photonics is based in Chengdu, Sichuan Province where the world largest optical glass manufacturer CDGM Co. is located. China did not have any manufacturer of erbium glass which is badly needed and imported, however. To fill up this blank we launched research and development of this special glass six years ago. Following industrial jobs over the last years we have succeeded in developing our own erbium glass which is comparative with world leading manufacturers Schott and Kigre. Please refer to the table herein below.

2.Erbium Glass by Bote Photonics
The Erbium glass we have been developed is an eye-safe laser glass, mainly in two applications, one is laser glass for semiconductor pumping, mainly used in military long range finding, targeting on tank, military vehicles, manfree micro cabin, missile laser guiding, etc.; the other is for flash lamp pumping, mainly used for medical cosmetology.

3.Comparison of Erbium Glass by Major Suppliers

4.Materials available

  • Erbium glass in block;
  • Erbium glass as per your request for different dimensions;
  • Materials cut as per the dimensions and coated upon request
  • Erbium glass laser transmitters;
  • Others
  • Please feel free to contact us for any additional information.
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In addition to production activities, we also provide optical consulting services to our customers, such as optical and mechanical designs, coating design and solution for special requests from customers.


Also we act as agent of our international customers, represent them in developing their business in China and assist them marketing their products in China. So far we have been agent of OPTEC SpA and Spot-Optics s.r.l.


DFL (Shanghai) Opto-Electronics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as DFL), incorporated in 2005, and has been supplying optical components and glass materials ever since 2000 under DFL Business Co., Ltd. Our key production workshops are based mainly in Shanghai area and with partners across the nation for some special components.

We have a complete production line from material cutting, milling, grinding, olishing, coating, and cementing, centering and final inspection. We all necessary inspection instruments required for quality assurance, including Zygo equipment.

We are proud of our coating strength in AR coating for SWIR lenses, with R<1% @700-2400nm and @900-2400nm.

Our main products include variety of spherical lenses, such as general lens, single and doublets, SWIR lens, cylindrical lenses; aspheric lens, prisms (general prisms, right-angle prism, dove prism, roof prism, penta prism, wedges, etc.), plane components (mirrors, windows, shoulders, etc.); gratings; filters, as well as glass materials including blank, strip and blocks.

Diameter and of products ranges from 3mm-1800 for lens, usual diameters are from 5-100. We could supply as per request from our customers both in dimensions and specifications.

Regarding coating, we are strong at AR coating for SWIR lenses, with R<1% @700-2400nm and @900-2400nm.

The materials for our products are general glass from Chinese CDGM glass (equivalent to Schott and Ohara) to infra glass, fuses silica and other crystals as well PMMA materials.

Over the last 20 years we have been supplying to international customers in Europe mainly, including OPTEC, Datalogic, Lobre, Opto5, WZW, Techno, Omnitek, etc.

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